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got those leggings and i am in loveeeeeeee <3


got those leggings and i am in loveeeeeeee <3

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K-pop fashion: 2NE1’ i am the best’ and ‘ugly’




The ‘punk inspired’ outfits are from the brand ‘Dog Harajuku’.

The silver outfits are from designer Gareth Pugh’s spring 2011 collection.

 Here are some images from their  ’UGLY’ music video.




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Is that nigga dead? Who the f*** knows!

My Advice

I give really good advice in my opinion and I liek doing what I do I hope maybe to one day really help someone whether i know them or someone who messaged me on Tumblr.

I’m not gonna sweeten it up for ya I liek______ shes a sweet girl but with all that shit that happened It May or may not happen again but the chance it will is greater. Trust me continuously going back ISNT gonna change anything it will never change It happens the same way everytime “I’ll be better” “I promise this” “I promise that” “It’ll be different” it never is. The funny part is, shes being sincere and honest she doesnt want it to happen again. But once everything starts falling back in place. It will happen again the heat of the moment comes you aren’t thinking straight, you dont think about what could happen and you let your guard down. And you end up saying something you Totally regret and you ask yourself “Why the fuck did I say that?” but it’s too late. You dont really realize what’s happening in front of you until shit hits the fan and by then its too late. Im telling you this because this is what I and other people have experienced. I’m guilty of it myself. I did the same thing I fuck it up and i promise to make it different and I have EVERY intention of doing so then without even meaning to I say something wrong. Its a cycle and the only way it ends is when you WANT to realize that it’s not gonna work, you know from the first time it will turn out like this but your compelled and become attactched to the memories that you made and you dont wanna give it up because you dont think something as good as what you had is possible. It is, you just gotta give it a chance. It’s honestly point blank up to you ______. Is it worth all the mistakes that will be made just hoping you MIGHT get it right this time? Or is it for the better that you both let go while you can and turn around and walk your own way hoping maybe you will cross each other again but this time, after much experiences and amazing oppertunities that you took because of your decision and so much that you got to experience and live through and look back and say hey that happened to me, you get the last final shot and it maybe right once and for all or it could show that you need to keep looking. Things will end in the best way ever possible but by hanging on to that one “what if” you could miss some of the best parts. Like a movie if you keep going to the bathroom or getting snacks you may have missed one of the good parts you cant just walk up to film projector and rewind what you missed. 2 stirkes, last swing, make it the best. My advice to you is do what YOU want. Forget everyone else’s feelings but your own do what you want and what will make things work out for the best for BOTH of you.  

I make myself inspireddd X)  If anyone has any problem at all know me or not, boy or girl, I’d love to share my advicefulness and I LOVVVEEE A challenge X)

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Worked for the Nazi&#8217;s XD

Worked for the Nazi’s XD